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Hello, my name is Jules … Welcome to Be Your Man, my site created in honour of Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray. A site which now includes a fan forum run by Lisa of Pale September!

Pete Murray is an absolute spunk; he writes honest, stirring, evocative songs; he sings like an angel who’s just come home after spending all night painting the town carmine; he’s one of the most decent guys on the planet; he rocks: what more could you ask for?

Lisa, Pete Murray and me! Shepherds Bush Empire, 7 Oct 2007

I felt as if I was rather late to the party when I first fell for Pete – but seeing as that was back in March 2004 when he appeared on the NRL Footy Show, I guess I count as a veteran by now! I love a good rock song, and so Fall Your Way is, was and probably always will be my favourite of Pete’s songs, despite being up against some stiff competition.

Another song that never fails to move me is Please – and so when I was looking for a name and URL for this site, I was inspired by lyrics from that song. How can you not melt as Pete offers to ‘For always … be your man’?

My Aussie husband Bruce and I moved to the UK before I had the chance to see Pete live, so I had to wait until the Shepherds Bush Empire gig in London on 7 June 2006 – but that’s where I first met up with Lisa in person. We had found each other via the erstwhile message board on the official Pete Murray website, and I’m delighted to say we’ve been friends ever since. We were also lucky enough to meet Pete Himself as a result of hanging round the stage door afterwards. He really is the nicest bloke.

But you don’t want to hear any more about me. You want to know about Pete Murray! Click your way to a full discography, a biography, and various Pete-related links. And please do come join the forum! We’d love to hear from you about all your Pete-related and other musical enthusiasms.

Happy surfing!

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