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Latitude Zero

Pete featured in a surfing documentary titled Latitude Zero, along with surf champion Mark Occhilupo, musician Ash Grunwald, and former NRL star Mark Gasnier. The four of them took a surfing trip to the Mentawai Islands, off the coast of Sumatra in Indonesia, and the results were captured in a two-part documentary, first screened on Fuel TV (Foxtel) on 18 March 2014.

Pete said the documentary “has such a good vibe”. When asked what he likes about surfing, he said:

The surf doesn’t have to be amazing for me if it’s a beautiful day. Just sitting out there, that’s just beautiful, like especially Byron Bay, where I live. It’s a nice area, so many nice spots to go, the water’s beautiful, it’s clear on a day like that – it’s just great. Really, that’s all it is for me. If you’ve got any stress or any worries, you just go out there and it washes everything away.

A New Direction

Pete switched from music to acting, taking on a lead role in the feature film Thicker Than Water in late 2014. This was a crowdfunded project via Kickstarter, written by Ellie Popov and directed by Dominic Crisci, with principal photography happening in October-November 2014.

The description is: A sister struggles to keep her brothers together when the eldest, a recovering drug addict, returns from rehab. And the tagline: There is the family you are born into, the family you choose and the family you try to escape.

Pete plays ‘D’ (short for Dimitri), the eldest brother. The cast includes Ellie Popov, Brad McMurray, Chai Hansen (billed as Chai Romruen), and Anthony Brandon Wong.

After much waiting, the film was finally released in May 2018. Relevant links are listed below:

Good Causes

In December 2014, Pete was one of the musicians involved in Hope for Isla and Jude, a group formed to record a cover of the Kate Bush song This Woman’s Work. All proceeds from the sale of the single go to the Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation.

In October 2017, Pete was one of the Sony Music All Stars, who recorded the Beatles song With a Little Help From My Friends as a Sony Foundation Australia charity single.

Personal Changes

Sadly, Pete and his first wife Amanda Coutts separated in 2009, after 10 years together and 3 years of marriage. The split must have hurt but was “very civil”, the couple having simply “grown apart”. They both remain deeply involved in bringing up their sons Charlie and Pedro.

On a happier note, Pete married photographer Mira Eady in late 2016, after 4 years together. They welcomed a baby daughter, Sacchi, to their family in early 2018.

Pete is obviously a proud dad, saying, “I think kids are the reason why we’re here. The best thing you’ll ever do is have a kid, there’s no doubt about it.”


Pete released his sixth album with Sony Music Australia in June 2017. The album’s title Camacho is a Hispanic slang term meaning ‘the art of being cool’ – accordingly to Pete, anyway!

The first single Take Me Down was released on 2 April 2017. A further three singles (Only One, Heartbeats, Sold) were released, one per week, in the lead-up to the album being released on 2 June.

The Camacho tour started on 12 July 2017 in Lismore, completing on 9 September 2017 in Darwin.

Camacho was nominated in the Best Adult Contemporary Album category in the 2017 ARIA Awards. (Paul Kelly took the gong with Life is Fine.)

The Heartbeats (Remix) single was released along with the announcement of the Heartbeats Acoustic Tour of Australia, from 29 June to 26 August 2018. Gigs in the UK, Netherlands and Germany are scheduled for November 2018.

Music and Movement

In February 2018, Pete and his friend Benny Owen hosted a week-long Music and Movement Escapes event in Byron Bay. This was a luxury 5-star event combining music and fitness at the Elements of Byron Resort.

They will be scheduling another event ‘soon’. Keep an eye on their website and Facebook page for details!

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