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The tumbleweeds have been swept, the cobwebs blown and the windows thrown open cos Pete is back with a new album.

If you want to pop by for a chinwag about Pete and his music, join us here on the sofa for a blether....


Herald Sun Article

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Herald Sun Article

#1 Post by murfinator » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:24 am

Singer Pete Murray candidly tells, on eve of album re-release, that he was wrong to hate his hit Feeler

IT has taken a decade for Pete Murray to make his peace with the major label debut which made his career.

As he marks the 10th anniversary of Feeler, Murray reveals he suffered post-album blues after the success of the record and its surprise hit So Beautiful.

The candid singer and songwriter didn't pull punches when the album was released, criticising the production and wrestling with some of the darker and intense songs which struck a chord with his fans.

It wasn't until he received a text from his mate, former Powderfinger guitarist Darren Middleton, about the record a couple of years ago that Murray decided it was time to revisit Feeler.

"I got this text from Darren two years ago saying 'hey mate, just listened to Feeler again, great album' and I thought 'F ... ng hell, what is so good about this album?" Murray says.

"I hated it, I hated the fact it was successful, I hated the sound of it. I didn't want to be represented by it.

It was the whole intensity of some of the songs I had written a long time before the album had come out and I felt I had moved on from that.

"So I realised I had to listen to it again and put all that stuff behind me.

"I put the headphones on and listened to it. I was totally fine with it and thought it was really good.

"I just recently called the producer Paul McKercher and said "you know what mate, the album's actually great and I know I said some things and I was wrong. Without you this wouldn't be what it was and it was good you were there'.

"I don't have the worry anymore that people would think I was depressed singing depressing songs."

Feeler went to No. 1, scored 12 ARIA nominations, sold more than half a million copies and spent over two and a half years in the top 100 album charts.

With anniversary reissues the new black in the record business, Murray will celebrate the album's 10th year with the release of a remastered version of Feeler and a second disc featuring the Bulgarian State Orchestra.

He also had to re-record a handful of vocals and parts on the original songs as the original master tapes of the recordings went missing.

"The missing tapes will probably pop up one day at a garage sale," he jokes.

One of the tracks the Eastern European musicians helped reimagine for the bonus disc of Feeler is Murray's version of the INXS classic Don't Change.

The songwriter has knocked back regular requests to do music for commercials since launching his career but relented for the current Crown Lager campaign because of his love for the INXS hit.

"It wasn't really about the money for me _ although it's gone towards recoupment _ but I love that song and I liked the ad, it's really cool," he explains.

"I had so many people asking if it was me singing on the ad and if I was going to release it as a single.

"I thought it was a good version of the song, a different version with the strings, so we finished it and put it on the orchestral version of the record."

Murray has enlisted his original band mates for the Feeler anniversary national tour which will kick off in January.

"They are all excited. I think the boys have calmed down a bit, we were all laughing about some of the s--- they used to get up to. There were some pretty wild times back then, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

"It will be great playing with them again because they are the best band I've played with.

Their showmanship was great too."

Feeler 10 Year Anniversary record is released on November 15. Pete Murray, ... 6752683675

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Re: Herald Sun Article

#2 Post by Alison d » Mon Nov 04, 2013 11:58 am

Great article.Thanks for posting Murfinator :)
How wonderful,another Pete album to buy.
The only song I didn't like off Feeler was ,No More.Hit a bit too close to home for me.
Glad Pete can now see why Feeler was so popular and why it appealed on such a big scale.
I'm sooooooo excited.3 days after the release of this new album will be the 10 year anniversary since I first saw Pete live and became a fan. :D

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Re: Herald Sun Article

#3 Post by Amba » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:09 am

Yes read this in my local paper days ago....Can't understand why he said all this when he's been playing these songs from the album for the last 10 years! :D :o

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Re: Herald Sun Article

#4 Post by Lisa » Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:46 pm

I'm glad he has come around to the charms of Feeler. It has always been my fav and is one of my 10 desert island discs.
Thanks for posting Murf.

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