Pete is back!
The tumbleweeds have been swept, the cobwebs blown and the windows thrown open cos Pete is back with a new album.

If you want to pop by for a chinwag about Pete and his music, join us here on the sofa for a blether....


Trak Lounge Bar -1st show of 'Feeler' 10th Anniversary Tour!

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Trak Lounge Bar -1st show of 'Feeler' 10th Anniversary Tour!

#1 Post by Amba » Fri Jan 24, 2014 7:06 am

Hi Guys. I was lucky enough to see Pete and The Stonemasons on the very first night of their Feeler Anniversary tour!

Pete announced at the start of the show that they had only rehearsed twice before the gig, but they sounded like "a well oiled machine" to me anyway. All the old magic had returned. It was great to see the old gang playing with Pete....Ben is still just as cheeky and smiley and Pedge as awesome as always on lead guitar. Andy's drumming is even better....if that's at all possible. He did one of his signature long solos to the delight of the crowd and was a bit cheeky with Pete during the show. They were all clearly loving being back and just gelled so well again on stage.

Pete said that they were all allowed to make 3 mistakes each that night, any more and they were out of the band, "including me" he added as an afterthought. They fell about laughing on a couple of occasions when clearly Ben and Andy had stuffed up.....although it wasn't noticeable to the audience.
Whilst it's a 'Feeler Anniversary' tour so many of the songs from that album were played, Pete asked who had listened to 'Blue Sky Blue' and played a couple of tracks off it including Let You Go and Hurricane of my all time faves so I was soo happy. He played Opportunity and I especially loved the really hauntingly dark version of See The Sun from 'See The Sun' album....which he asked not to be filmed as he hadn't rehearsed it! Better Days was loved by the crowd as well as a great version of Always A Winner. Freedom and another personal fave of mine, Tonic, were also aired from his original album.
He told the butterfly story, which although I've read about in so many reviews, I've never heard him say it at a gig I've been to so that was also a highlight for me. The band really rocked out on Passing Time and Feeler and showed just why they are so good!

But have to say girls, being the GUNS fan that you know I am, absolute highlight was for me 1/2 way through the show when he finally removed his jacket to reveal..... not a T-shirt but a SINGLET with a vest over it!!!!!!!! swoooon!!!

And after 90 minutes of magic, of course he finished with a solo of So Beautiful which the crowd had waited all night to hear! The venue was packed and he kept thanking us all for coming out on a Wednesday night!!

To conclude, it's soo great to see the old band back playing with Pete and having so much fun.
If this was a rehearsal, those who go to subsequent shows are in for a real treat!!

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Re: Trak Lounge Bar -1st show of 'Feeler' 10th Anniversary T

#2 Post by Petemurrayitis » Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:05 am

Wow Amba that sounds Amazing.. Would have loved to go but I have a few things on so had to save my Pennies!! lol

I can't wait to see him in March.. and I will request the singlet a little closer to the gig as Valentines day last year we missed out on the guns.. :lol:

Thanks for the review, awesome :D :D

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Re: Trak Lounge Bar -1st show of 'Feeler' 10th Anniversary T

#3 Post by Administration » Tue Jun 10, 2014 6:27 pm

Hi Amba,
Thank you for posting that review back in January. I had a family bereavement at the beginning of the year and not felt very social so haven't felt like posting until now :( .

I am thrilled to read that the gig was like old times and that the Stonemasons were the same as ever. I have my ticket for 19th June gig at Scala, London and reading this post has made me even more excited if that is possible :D .

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